Our Advisory Board

A.Elaine Giles

Assistant CEO, Executive Manager


Executive Manager

25 Years experience working globally in the investigation field and extensive experience of Business Management on a global scale and international investigation case management. Allison has worked as an investigator and case manager working alongside Gavin Burrows since 1995 on most of his case work


Gavin Burrows

Senior Consultant


 Senior Consultant

Tenacious, accomplished Senior partner and private investigator respected for partnering with high net-worth individuals,celebrities, businesses, lawyers, thousands of private individuals and many other clients to provide outstanding investigative services at a UK and global level. Forges strong relationships to understand needs and navigate complex cases that require the utmost diligence, dedication, and confidentiality. Leverages best practices, lateral thinking, and modern techniques to ensure superior results, effectively managing sensitive information and stringent deadlines. Out-of-the-box professional committed to providing innovative solutions to problems and achieving client satisfaction.


Prevented and identified key individuals of the attempted theft of DNA from HRH Prince Harry.

Headed sole Investigative due diligence, asset inquiries, and surveillance on behalf of Mr. Ian Heights, Cayman Islands based billionaire investor. Exceeded strict expectations to achieve extensive repeat business.

Selected to oversee investigation in a major international sex trafficking investigation, surviving an attempted murder in London and was hospitialized for 6 weeks in intensive care ,yet still effectively identifyed the paymasters. Demonstrated complete focus and dedication in extreme circumstances.

Built a solid arrest case leading to successful convictions for a planned car bomb plot by the animal rights campaign group “Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty” (SHAC), upholding complete professionalism and attention to detail throughout a very long, covert undercover investigation.

Advised FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) in an internal publication for every FIFA member on personal and family security by invitation (2003)

Traced to the Bahamas and located Viktor Kozeny year 2003 (Aka the pirate of Prague) ahead of Government Agencies. And located financial and physical assets.

  • Skills & Expertise
  • Client Relations
  • Complex Investigations
  • Confidentiality & Discretion
  • Case Management
  • Information Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Communication & Reporting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Budget Management ($17M)
  • Legal compliance UK and Global
  • Team Leadership (13)Full time
  • Professional Experience
  • Pro Bono



Senior partner & private investigator
Grew a large UK and international private investigation client base providing hard to obtain confidential information to in excess of 100 UK and international investigation firms and lawyers, also private individuals and mid sized businesses, multinational corporations. All information supplied remained undetected at source, unless the client’s reason for the investigation was to confront the parties concerned, which is highly regular in most cases with the evidence. Undertook other forms of due diligence and have become a renowned international asset tracing specialist, still providing and still highly regarded across all services. I have visited 23 separate countries on behalf of one re insurer alone, establishing critical client relationships while managing time-sensitive investigations worldwide.
Achieved top-tier outcomes and secured an expansive client base, including law firms, SME’s Corporates,all types of small and large businesses and large number of other investigation agencies as clients, and thousands of private individuals who need answers have employed my services over the last 26 years, including Celebrities, continuing to deliver a measured, structured approach to ensure needs are clearly understood and that deliverables were in-line with specific quality expectations.
Fostered continuous improvement for a world-class team of consultants under heavy workload. Established reliable well placed contacts throughout the world.

Additional Experience:

IIG Asia,owner and Founder for the first foreign owned security business in central Asia-which was later sold. I worked for AON Insurance as a Freelance Consultant and for HSBC reinsurance London as a freelance consultant.

I worked as an unpaid consultant for the BRITISH SECURITY SERVICE 2004/2006.References available to qualified checked clients. I have additionally worked for Lloyd’s of London underwriters (names)Since 1999.
Full member institute of professional investigators since 1997.Fully trained private investigator since October 1994.


Tel 0800 1 935 777

Outside UK + 800 1 935 777

Anne-Marie Harris

Senior Consultant


Anne-Marie Harris undertakes Pro Bono cases for qualified clients, both in the United Kingdom and Abroad. She is particularly passionate about Human Rights and those whom are less fortunate and simply do not have the means to access the assistance that they require. All clients are treated with respect, and in the same way as paying clients. Anne-Marie is determined to help those who need it and will always strive to ensure a favourable outcome. She is fascinated by people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Every day there are people that are struggling to get the help they need because they simply cannot afford it. All cases are considered fairly and objectively


Early Career


 Initially named as the Lord Chancellor’s department, I assisted with Competitions, primarily for the Appointment of Recorder, however I also assisted with Circuit Judge and District Judge Competitions. 


The Lord Chancellor’s Department was later renamed as the Department of Constitutional Affairs, where I continued to assist in running Competitions, before the introduction of the independent Judicial Appointments Commission. I assisted with this transition prior to returning to the Ministry of Justice in 2008.


My career in the Civil Service spanned 15 years, from which I gained a plethora of experience – from data analysis, to complex Risk Management and Mitigation, Research & Investigation and leading and managing teams of up to five people.


Main Responsibilities for the (former) Lord Chancellor’s Department 2001 – 2005 (Executive Officer)


  • Assisting with Competitions for the Appointment of Recorders, Circuit Judges and District judges.
  • Advising Lawyers, Barristers and Judges, wishing to serve as Recorders with guidance on the application process and minimum requirements.
  •  Preparing applications for Recorder Competitions, liaising with the Judiciary and HMCS Court Service and organising time-tables.
  • Liaising with applicant’s queries and assisting them with the suitability of potential references and judicial referees, and other queries. 
  • Reading and recording written comments from consultation papers with High Court, Circuit Judges, District Judges, QC’s and lawyers and clarifying correct interpretation.
  • Preparing applications for the sifting process,checking information on applications for inconsistencies.
  • Analysing references / consultation forms. 
  • preparing and assisting with the panel for sifting applications,
  • collating information prepared by the panel for the interview process, 
  • contacting and arranging appointments, assisting with collating interview panels
  • liaising with Scotland Yard for criminal convictions of applicants. 
  • Preparing Recorder warrants for successful applicants, 
  • assisting with informing applicants of results and 
  • preparing requested feedback for unsuccessful applicants with the panel. 
  • Adding sensitive information to the formerly used JAGUARS system
  • writing and assisting with submissions to the Lord Chancellor 
  • preparing and organising timetables for future Competitions.


2005-2008 (Department for Constitutional Affairs, Judicial Appointment Commission)


During this period, I helped with the transition of Judicial Appointments, from the Department of Constitutional Affairs, to the Judicial Appointment Competition, which was created to drive transparency, independence and fairness.


Managing a team of five, I was responsible for running the Competition of Recorder for the Wales & Chester Circuit, the North and North Eastern Circuit, and the South Eastern Circuit.


Key Responsibilities


  • Staff Management
  • Annual Staff Reviews & Reports
  • Health & Safety
  • Preparing Competitions
  • Sifting Preparations
  • Assisting with the Interview Panels
  • Analysing Referees
  • Assisting Referees and Applicants
  • Analysing the Panels Comments 
  • Liaising with HMCTS
  • Criminal Record Checks 
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Competitions for all Circuits
  • Data Analysis
  • Assisting with Audit Preparation
  • Diversity and Awareness
  • Leading Focus Groups
  • Drafting Submissions
  • Managing internal and external stakeholders


2008-2016 – Ministry of Justice


I decided that I wanted a change and was offered a post with   Sustainability at the Ministry of Justice. During this period, sustainability was high on the Government’s agenda. We became responsible for Sustainability Reporting across the entire Ministry of Justice estate, including the Home Office and Prison estates. As this was a new area, which involved interpreting complex data, risk mitigation and analysis, I felt I could transfer my skills from my previous role.


Main Responsibilities


  • Developing and Implementation of Sustainability across the Ministry of Justice Estate
  • Working with other Civil Service Departments to implement sustainability action plans
  • Working with suppliers to help reduce emissions
  • Collating emissions, waste and recycling data for the Annual FReM report for Parliament, including data analysis and interpretation
  • Writing Submissions for Ministers
  • Creating an entire Risk Register, with a thorough risk analysis, including risk mitigation across the entire Ministry of Justice Estate
  • Working with external Stakeholders on the development and implementation of energy saving techniques
  • Providing advice to internal and external customers and suppliers
  • Investigations into Judicial Appointments
  • Preparing and Submitting the Financial Annual Parliamentary Report


My team became solely responsible for FReM and collating data from other areas of the estate. I was the lead FReM reporter for the Annual Submission to Parliament.


Other Skills and Expertise


I am fully trained in Risk Analysis, Risk Assessments and Mitigation, Submissions for Ministers, Annual Parliamentary Reports, various databases and compliance and auditing.


Trained and highly experienced across Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power-Point, various databases, Health & Safety, data analysis and interrogation, auditing and handling often complex data sets.


One of my key strengths is researching and analysis, investigating anomalies and irregularities quickly and accurately in order to develop solutions.  Another key area of strength is problem solving and resolution. 


I have gained a great deal of experience across the Ministry of Justice Estate, spanning 15 years,  in particular working with the Prison Estate, Probation and the Home Office, internal and external stakeholders, and fostering good relationships with clients and colleagues.


Current – Investigative Research


I left the Civil Service on Voluntary Redundancy in 2016, after being given the opportunity to work with Inquiry senior partner MIPI, Private Investigator. 


Much of my work is investigative research, a key strength of mine. Inquiry senior partner has worked with me to develop my skills in all investigative areas, and I am continuously working and developing my training in this area successfully.


I am CTC (Counter Terroism Cleared) from 2016, until 2025.


Referee: Human Resources – Ministry of Justice, Petty France

Referee: Inquiry senior partner MIPI & Senior Partner at Line of Inquiry

Tel 0800 1 935 777

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Louisa Sparks

Executive Consultant


Louisa has been practicing since 2005. Louisa is an experienced Paralegal and Investigator.


2005-2007 – CPS (Crown Prosecution Service)

2007 – 2013 – Control Risks Group

2013 – 2020 Risk Advisory Group

July 2020 – Line of Inquiry LLP

Louisa brings National and International Experience to the Line of Inquiry Team. From Criminal Defence to National and International acquisitions support and a plethora of management skills.

Please call the office on 0800 1 935 777

Outside UK + 800 1 935 777

Mark Newman 

Executive Consultant


Mark began his working career after qualifying in 1998 from SAID Business School, Oxford University, England.

Mark started his career in 1999 with the National Westminster Bank in new business development and laterally, international business development and investment.

Due to personal reasons, Mark had to take time out in 2016. Mark joined the Line of Inquiry LLP Team in July 2020.

Mark’s skills set includes (but is not limited to) Business Mode Analysis, Realistic Set-Up, Costings (whilst keeping client investment low) and obtaining below-market borrowing rates, restructuring, compliance, start up’s, operation monitoring and exit strategies (Investigative Due Diligence).

Mark is available 7 days a week from 8.30am to 9pm (U.K Time).

Please contact the office on 0800 1 935 777. All Consultations are free.

Outside UK + 800 1 935 777

Alf Gordon

Undercover Specialist.


Alf has led an illustrious career, working undercover in the United Kingdom and Abroad for the Metropolitan Police, spanning 25 years as well as being a former member of the Territorial SAS.

There is no investigation Alf will not undertake or manage Globally. He is available 24/7, 7 days a week. Please contact the U.K office on 0800 1 935 777

Outside UK + 800 1 935 777

Nicholas Croft LLB

In-house legal consultant.



Qualified Solicitor* and Business Consultant

Nick qualified as a solicitor forty years ago, and although he no longer practices as a solicitor, his thirty-plus years as a practicing corporate and commercial lawyer have given him the insight and experience which he has been providing to a diverse range of specialized businesses and individuals.

After qualifying, Nick spent time in the gaming industry as the in-house counsel for an international gaming and lifestyle company. He then moved back into private practice to head up the company and commercial department of what is now one of the largest international legal practices. Moving on from there after fifteen years, Nick became the head of the private equity team of another major national practice.
When the opportunity to establish a niche corporate finance start-up arose, Nick was keen to use his experience and expertise to assist in the establishment of a range of niche intellectual property and specialist engineering companies. These grew fast and were sold successfully to their main rival.

Following on from these successes Nick, and one of his colleagues, formed a business consultancy and provided advice to a major international investment house sorting out various of their emerging-markets businesses.

The upshot of this is that throughout a forty-year career Nick has:

  • Had an extensive high-level legal career;
  • Been a partner in a number of top-tier legal practices;
  • Been a Company Secretary and Director of a large number of companies, including listed on the London Exchange;
  • Lead the acquisition teams for both national and international transactions covering businesses in the services sectors; investment and financial sectors; manufacturing, supply-chain and transport sectors;
  • Provided legal, compliance and business advice at main board level throughout his career;
  • Been part of an international team successfully tracing funds that have been misappropriated or otherwise lost;
  • Had experience of both private prosecution and criminal defence work;
  • Advised upon matrimonial/partnership break-ups and their financial repercussions; and
  • Been a sounding board and go-to adviser for many entrepreneurs and business operators.

Nick and Inquiry senior partner have worked together on a wide range of matters over the past fifteen years and Nick was delighted to be invited to be part of the LoI team.

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