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Catfish Investigations

Dating sites and apps are perceived as the future of romance. But with more and more people meeting online and organic interactions in the real world dwindling, a whole new arena for deception has been opening up: catfishing.

Catfishing consists of taking a false identity online to win somebody’s affection. They hide behind a fake profile picture and create a backstory to their lives to trick the victim into trusting them. Often, fraud, extorsion, blackmail and bullying follow, with the victim left heartbroken and more often than not, financially crippled. We can help you to get your money back.

Signs to identify you are being a Catfish target:

Sign #1 – Too strong too soon: is your new internet friend is showing too much affection too soon? When it seems too good to be true, it often is.

Sign #2 – Refusing to meet or call: naturally, a Catfisher will never allow you to meet them in person. When they refuse to Facetime or Zoom, it’s time to start being suspicious.

Sign #3 – Partial profile:  it’s common for scam artists like these to have incomplete social profiles and missing essential information.

Sign #4 – Asking for help: the tie that nearly always connects Cat fishers is their pleas for help upon early contact. If they ask for money or any other form of financial assistance before you even meet, tread very carefully.