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Deep Level due diligence Investigations

Deep Level due diligence is often referred to as enhanced due diligence or “boots on the ground” where local investigators in a specific country supplement Level 3 due diligence investigations by providing site visits in-country, customs and regulatory knowledge.

Due diligence falls into three main categories: legal due diligence, financial due diligence. and commercial due diligence. 

Our Deep Level due diligence is carried out by our Private Investigators, is a process that allows an acquirer to identify and assess risks, liabilities and business problems in the target company before finalising the transaction, potentially avoiding losses and bad press.

Our Deep Level due diligence process involves thoroughly identifying, evaluating and verifying all available information on a person, company or entity. A due diligence check is especially important when you’re hiring or considering prospective business partners or forming a new commercial relationship.

At Line of Inquiry our due diligence private investigators, investigate our clients’ competitors in terms of their processes, practices, research, development, services and products. We use the most advanced technological tools to process large amounts and different types of data simultaneously, which results in higher quality and more relevant data. The right business intelligence can be a key differentiator in any business, leading to better performance and positioning in the market.

Methodology in a due diligence file made by our certified private Investigators :


  1. Collection of information provided by the client and analysis of needs.
  2. In-depth searches through specialised digital tools and subscriptions.
  3. Specific field research (interviews, monitoring, administrative checks, etc.).
  4. Credibility assessments and data salience.
  5. Relational connections.
  6. Context and analysis.
  7. Proper Update of all of our verifications.
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