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Family Law Services

Navigating the complexities of family law can be a minefield for both legal professionals and private individuals. That’s why it’s essential to work with competent private investigators with a solid track record of success. At LOI Investigations, we offer a range of family law services to help you achieve a favourable outcome.

Non Custodial Parents Concealing Hidden Income

Our private investigators have extensive experience in uncovering hidden income that non-custodial parents may be concealing during divorce or separation proceedings. We use a range of investigative techniques to uncover these assets, including surveillance, financial audits, and forensic accounting.

Pre and Post Divorce/Separation Concealed Assets

Concealing assets during divorce or separation proceedings is a common tactic used by some spouses. Our investigators are experts at uncovering these assets, no matter how well they are hidden. We can track down hidden bank accounts, property, and other assets to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Income and Complex Financial Special Purpose Vehicles

Some spouses may use complex financial structures to shield their assets from being divided during a divorce or separation. Our investigators have the expertise to unpick these structures and uncover any hidden assets. We work closely with forensic accountants to ensure that all financial structures are fully understood and that no assets are overlooked.

Unfaithfulness and Family-Related Disputes

At LOI Investigations, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with irrefutable evidence that will stand up in court. Our investigators are highly trained and experienced in gathering evidence that will help you achieve a favourable outcome. We work discreetly and professionally, ensuring that all of our investigations are conducted legally and ethically.


We will provide you with irrevocable evidence to ensure a favourable outcome.