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Personal Protection

We constantly assess and review threat levels to provide our clients with security solutions for them and their families in order to protect them from press intrusion, during court or high profile appearances, while on vacation, etc.

AG MBE is a specialist in private security and investigative contractor – registered in Gibraltar, which serves both the private sector and government clients, regionally and internationally. Although the identities of those employed by the company remain concealed, our mission does not. We protect life, we protect property and we protect information. Our moto is Ut Alii Vivant,  ‘So That Others May Live’. 

With access to a network of subject matter experts, in the fields listed below, our assets are tried and tested and trained to exceed current industry standards:

  • Close Protection (All Formats)
  • Counter-Terrorism Security Advice
  • Digital and Electronic Penetration Testing
  • First Aid Training & Casualty Care Instructors
  • Global Operational Support & Control Room
  • Global Trend – Conflict Analysis & Assessments
  • High-End Cyber-Security
  • Hostile Environment Protection & Extraction
  • Information Gathering & Management
  • Media & Public Relations Consultants
  • Physical Penetration Testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Safe-Housing
  • Specialist Security Drivers
  • Specialist Transportation Services (Armoured Car & Helicopter)
  • Surveillance, Anti-Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

In response to a growing need for internationally deployable, trustworthy, legitimate and competent specialists, particularly in environments where conflict is not only possible, but likely – we strive to become industry’s top choice, irrespective as to the mission.

Lastly, discretion and privacy are second nature to our team, ensuring that clients feel safe to go about their business, irrespective as to the risk, in the knowledge that their dealings will remain private and confidential.


We are committed to working with the absolute best of the best, without exception. Our assets come from diverse backgrounds, however are drawn – almostexclusively – from the Police Service or the Military. This includes access to British Special Forces, Combat Veterans, or ‘Tier 1’ Police Units. All team members are vetted and verified, ensuring that we always choose quality over quantity.

When receiving a request for services, our first objective is to not only find an asset(s) that is available for immediate deployment, but also best suited for the role, taking into consideration the nature of the request, the skill set required, the personality or characters subject to the request and the necessity to source bilingual or regionally appropriate consultants. To this end, we factor a whole host of considerations into any assessment, and not simply risk.

We of course also value the opinions and experiences of our people, and are cognisant of the views throughout any operation, particularly during the planning phase prior to any deployment. They are truly world-class in all that they do, and we are grateful for their continued service around the world. They have genuine real-world experience in some of the most hostile environments, including war zones, remote or inhospitable areas or areas of restricted access.


Although only a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, we ensure that all of our protection assets are trained and licenced by the British Home Office, via the Security Industries Authority licencing protocols. This is considered the global gold standard. In addition to this, we also have assets licensed by both the French and Spanish governments.

Individual assets also form part of multiple specialist guilds or chartered institutes, ensuring that they remain current with any industry developments and continual professional development. Team members are also encouraged to maintain relationships with many pertinent industry associations, such as the Armed Forces Covenant, the Royal Marines Association, the Special Forces Association, the International Police Association and the Police Firearms Officers Association of England & Wales.


Even in some of the safest environments, risks remain. This may be the risk presented by local crime, those suffering from mental health concerns such as stalkers, rival factions, political or religious objectors or, in some cases, even terrorism. There are also sometimes often overlooked risk factors, such as the reputational risk to the client, or everyday risks such as trips and falls, or even medical emergencies.

To this end, we offer a whole range of Close Protection Services, as follows:

  • Covert Protection: Although resource intensive, this form of protection is conducted where the principal, as requested by the client, does not know that they are being protected. More often than not, this is a form of protection requested by ultra-high net worth clients for their family members or children, as a means of reducing the impact of any risk mitigation techniques on their daily lives.
  • Overt Protection: This is the most widely used form of Close Protection and covers a whole range of team sizes, dress code and practical applications. In Overt Protection, the principal is clearly being protected, with this in of itself being a deterrent. The team size and dress code are entirely dependent on the nature of any threats or risks, the wishes of the principal or client, the area of operation or the resources required in order to effectively afford protection.
  • Military Overt Protection: This form of protection is generally only used in high-risk areas, where an attack is highly likely, resulting in an extremely robust stance taken by the Protection Team, with body armour or tactical clothing, as well as weapons, clearly on show.
  • Hostile Environment Protection: This is a form of protection reserved for active-war zones, where the threat to the principal is both real and constant. The nature by which a Hostile Environment Close Protection Team operates differs greatly from those listed above, with everything from foot drills to vehicle tactics adopting a more aggressive or risk averse approach.

At the heart of Close Protection Operations is Anthony GAUL MBE. With an extensive history in the British Army, including tours of both Afghanistan and Iraq, Tony retired from the military with the rank of Warrant Officer First Class. Tony also has experience with the Royal Gibraltar Police, having joined the service immediately following his retirement from the military. During his time as a Police Officer, Tony formed part of a number of specialist teams, including units at the centre of the fight against organised criminals, drug trafficking gangs and even in counter-terrorism roles.

You can call us on the phone number 0 800 19 35 777 and +44 800 1935 777, or via the Contact Us section on the website.

For more information on this subject, please, contact AG MBE at [email protected].

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