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Prince Harry

In a recent article published on The Times website, it has been revealed that Prince Harry’s legal team allegedly employed a convicted phone hacker who paid private investigators for evidence. This revelation has raised concerns about the reliability of the evidence presented in Harry’s legal cases. Let’s delve into the details and implications of this intriguing story.

The Allegations: Prince Harry’s Lawyers and the Convicted Hacker

According to The Times article, Prince Harry’s lawyers have faced accusations of collaborating with a convicted phone hacker, Graham Johnson, who has a history of paying private investigators for information. The involvement of Johnson in Harry’s legal proceedings raises questions about the integrity of the evidence presented and the methods employed by the legal team.

Close Collaboration: Examining the Relationship between Prince Harry’s Legal Team and Graham Johnson

The article highlights the “extremely close collaboration” between Prince Harry’s legal team and Graham Johnson. Johnson, along with another disgraced journalist named Dan Evans, was reportedly involved in strategy meetings and provided input on witness statements used in the case. This collaboration suggests a significant level of involvement and raises concerns about the credibility of the evidence presented in court.

Cash, Deals, and Testimonies: Johnson’s Controversial Methods

The article reveals that Graham Johnson offered private investigators money, book deals, and film deals to testify on behalf of celebrities. Johnson’s alleged practice of incentivizing witnesses with financial rewards raises ethical questions and casts doubt on the reliability and integrity of the evidence provided by these witnesses.

Questionable Practices: Casting Doubt on the Reliability of Evidence

The involvement of a convicted hacker who engaged in questionable practices raises concerns about the reliability of the evidence before the court. The article suggests that there are significant doubts regarding the credibility of the evidence presented, given Johnson’s controversial methods and the potential biases of the witnesses involved.

The Connection: Johnson’s Office and Prince Harry’s Paralegal

It has come to light that Graham Johnson, the convicted phone hacker, shares an office with Evan Harris, a paralegal on Prince Harry’s legal team. Harris, a former director of the Hacked Off anti-tabloid campaign and a former Liberal Democrat MP, has faced scrutiny due to his association with Johnson and his involvement in Prince Harry’s legal proceedings. This connection raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and the influence it may have had on the case.

Broader Implications: Involvement in Other Legal Claims

The article reveals that Graham Johnson is heavily involved in Prince Harry’s legal claims against the publishers of The Sun and the Daily Mail. The extent of Johnson’s involvement in multiple cases raises concerns about the validity of the evidence presented across various legal battles. It also highlights the need for a thorough examination of the evidence and the transparency of the legal process.

Mirror Group Newspapers’ Stance and Settlements

Mirror Group Newspapers, the publisher of The Mirror and other titles, has previously admitted to engaging in unlawful information-gathering and has settled over 600 claims. However, they deny hacking Prince Harry’s voicemails. The article highlights the financial impact of these legal battles, with a significant portion of the settlement funds going toward legal fees.

Prince Harry’s Testimony: A Historic Moment

The article notes that Prince Harry became the first senior royal in over 130 years to give evidence from the witness box in a privacy case. His decision to testify holds significant importance and demonstrates his determination to address harassment by the tabloid press. The outcome of this trial could have far-reaching consequences for the relationship between the British monarchy and the media.

Ongoing Case and Potential Consequences

It’s important to remember that this is an ongoing case, and the full details and outcomes are yet to be determined. The allegations and revelations brought forward in the article have raised concerns about the integrity of the evidence presented. The court proceedings will play a crucial role in establishing the validity of the claims and determining the potential consequences for all parties involved.


The involvement of Prince Harry’s legal team with a convicted phone hacker who paid private investigators raises serious questions about the reliability and integrity of the evidence presented in his legal cases. The allegations and revelations surrounding this collaboration have cast a shadow of doubt over the ongoing proceedings. As the trial continues, it remains to be seen how these revelations will impact the outcome and potentially shape the future of the relationship between the British monarchy and the media.

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