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Private Prosecutions

For Private Prosecutions, we have an in-house solicitor at your disposal as well as certified court enforcement officers. Our office is based in Chancery Lane London, the heart of the British Legal Community, meaning that we are within walking distance of the Royal Courts of Justice, City of London Magistrates, the Old Bailey and a number of other courts, enabling us to act very swiftly.

Did you know that you can hire your own private prosecution team? We can help!

Businesses and individuals miss out on the opportunity to obtain the justice they seek because they do not have the right prosecution team behind them. We’re here to offer our services to those who are in need of legal commercial assistance.

Why might you need this service? There are several reasons why businesses and individuals might be deprived of justice: 

  • The police investigation team lacks the resources needed to obtain evidence that will show your case is worthy of going to court. 
  • Lack of knowledge of other options to pursue a case if the police lack the necessary evidence to continue their investigation.
  • Not knowing where to get the support needed to pursue the case.
  • The main majority of former police detectives that work for us have resigned from the police service as they felt the police to be over corrupt. Paid of & not guilty defendants being sent to prison on invented evidence.Either to support targets &  or paid to do so.We believe (Know the police are dangerously corrupt).
  • We only use independent crime scene investigators, who are self employed & do not work for labs including forensic laboratories that I owned by past police officers/Employees. Total independent non corruptible service

Line of Inquiry’s Private Prosecution service can offer the legal knowledge and litigation support you need. If you have exhausted all of your resources, don’t despair, because our team of investigative professionals has the expertise you need to bring your case to court.

We will review all existing evidence in your case. We will assess the evidence and evaluate whether it’s strong enough to help your case.

Why Choose Us for Your Private Prosecution Needs?

If the above situation applies to your case, we are happy to offer our services. At Line of Inquiry, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses get the justice and resolution they seek with our private prosecution services. 

If the police or any other existing authorities have declined to further your case, it’s not the end of the road for you. Often, the police force will prioritize their time and resources on investigating other more pressing cases and those classified as a ‘civil matter’ are placed at the bottom of their priority list. With Line of Inquiry, we will give your case the full attention it deserves.