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Levi Davis

In the realm of investigative work, each case presents its own unique set of challenges. The Levi Davis disappearance investigation was no exception. As we look back on our involvement in this perplexing case, led by Gavin Burrows at Line of Inquiry, it is crucial to shed light on the obstacles we encountered and our relentless pursuit of the truth. This blog post serves as a reflection on the facts surrounding the case, as reported in The Telegraph’s article “Levi Davis Disappearance” (link here).

Unveiling the Complexity:

The investigation into Levi Davis’s disappearance was met with unexpected complexities and hurdles. According to The Telegraph’s article, initial efforts to collaborate with authorities were met with resistance, hindering our ability to make significant progress. Despite these setbacks, we were determined to leave no stone unturned in our quest for answers.

Exploring the Circumstances:

As detailed in The Telegraph’s report, Levi Davis was last seen in Barcelona, Spain, before his mysterious disappearance. The timeline of events revealed that Davis sent a short video to his mother during his ferry journey from Ibiza to Barcelona, expressing his admiration for the scenic view. Upon arriving in Barcelona, he visited La Rambla and The Old Irish Pub, where he shared a video of a band playing on stage with his mother. Davis had mentioned the possibility of staying in a hostel and had reached out to friends for financial assistance. These events formed the backdrop of his disappearance.

Instagram activity months after he’s missing

Encountering Missing Pieces:

Throughout our investigation, numerous missing pieces emerged, leaving us with more questions than answers. The article highlights the discovery of Davis’s passport at the Barcelona freight port, though the exact location and circumstances remain undisclosed. It also mentions the sighting of someone in the water near the port, potentially Davis, as reported by crew members of the Italian cruise ship Bellissima. The circumstances surrounding this sighting, as well as the six-hour gap between Davis’s last contact with a friend and the reported sighting, raise further mysteries.

Resolute Pursuit of the Truth:

Despite the obstacles and missing pieces, our team at Line of Inquiry remained steadfast in our pursuit of the truth. We diligently examined available evidence, including Davis’s deleted Instagram video, the alteration of his online presence, and the potential access to his messaging accounts. These elements added layers of intrigue and complexity to the case, leaving us with more questions about Davis’s fate and the circumstances leading to his disappearance.

A Decision to Step Back:

After careful consideration of the challenges and roadblocks we encountered, we made the difficult decision to resign from the Levi Davis case. The lack of cooperation and the prevailing complexities surrounding the investigation hindered our ability to make meaningful progress. However, our resolve to seek justice remains unwavering, and we extend our sympathies to Davis’s family and friends during this trying time.

Continued Vigilance:

The investigation into Levi Davis’s disappearance remains open, with the Mossos d’Esquadra, the autonomous police force under the authority of the Catalan government, stating that no hypotheses have been ruled out. As private investigators, we encourage the authorities to continue their pursuit and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to uncover the truth. Our thoughts remain with Davis’s loved ones as they endure the anguish of not knowing what happened to him.


Reflecting on our involvement in the Levi Davis disappearance investigation, we are reminded of the complexities inherent in unraveling such cases. The facts presented in The Telegraph’s article provide valuable insights into the events leading up to Davis’s disappearance, the obstacles we encountered, and the decision to step back from the case. Our commitment to seeking justice remains resolute as we navigate future investigations in the pursuit of truth.