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Unfaithful Partner Investigations


In a world where trust is increasingly fragile, LOI Global LTD offers specialised Infidelity Investigations Services. Our aim is to provide irrefutable evidence and clarity, enabling our clients to navigate the complexities of a relationship tainted by suspicion.


  1. To confirm or dispel suspicions of infidelity with concrete evidence.
  2. To offer peace of mind through a thorough, discreet, and legally compliant investigation.
  3. To provide a comprehensive report that can be used for personal reflection or legal proceedings, as applicable.

Scope of Services


Physical Surveillance

  • Our team of highly trained investigators employ covert techniques to follow the subject without arousing suspicion.
  • Multiple investigators may be used to avoid detection, and all activities are logged in detail.

Technical Surveillance

  • Utilisation of state-of-the-art technology, such as GPS tracking and high-resolution cameras, to monitor the subject’s activities.

Evidence Gathering

Photographic and Video Evidence

  • Our investigators are equipped with advanced photographic and video equipment to capture high-quality evidence.
  • All media is time-stamped and securely stored to maintain its admissibility in legal contexts.

Background Checks

Personal History

  • Comprehensive research into the subject’s past, including but not limited to, previous relationships, social media activity, and behavioural patterns.

Financial Records

  • A detailed investigation into financial activities that may be indicative of infidelity, such as unexplained expenditures, hidden assets, or suspicious transactions.


We uphold strict confidentiality protocols, ensuring that all client information and investigation details are securely stored and accessible only to authorised personnel.

Contact Information

For further information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please reach out to us at:

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