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Uzbekistan Private Investigators

Rated as one of the best private investigations and business intelligence companies in the world.
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We get to wherever the information is



At Line of Inquiry, we have our own in-house surveillance Investigators, led by a former military intelligence officer.

Missing Persons Tracing

Finding missing persons requires a wide range of expert skills, access to global networks and the ability to source accurate information quickly. Tracing nationally and worldwide.

Asset Tracing/Fraud

Our team is highly skilled at identifying cases of fraud and embezzlement, even when they are obscured by complicated corporate, nominee or trust structures and disbursed across multiple jurisdictions and countries.

Family Law

Pre and post-divorce, lifestyle and financial investigations

Cyber solutions

Social media, online harassment, global database access, catfish investigations, cyber security intelligence. High success rate!

All types of FRAUDS

Have you ever been scammed?
Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, want your money back?
Need deep due diligence?

Meet the Board

LOI Team

If the information exists we get it

Confidential, discreet & FAST.

No case too big. – No case too small.

Whatever you want to know, we will get you the answer.

A company that does what it promises no matter what!

Private Investigator services since 1994

Independently audited at 97.3% success rate.

LOI Global Ltd specialize in the most complex multi jurisdiction matters to private individuals business, corporates, VIPs and celebrities from tracing missing persons Uzbekistan & Worldwide & or their assets, Litigation Support & Arbitration, Mergers & Acquisition Support, Integrity and Investigative Due Diligence, Fraud, High net worth divorce, separation and family issues. Covert Surveillance, Problem Solving and Cyber Solutions, Difficult and Unusual Cases.


All types of investigations undertaken Uzbekistan & Worldwide

LOI guarantees absolute discretion and client confidentiality.

LOI Global Ltd, leaders in complex and major investigations. We are experts in obtaining accurate hard to obtain hidden information legally and globally in total confidence. 

Offices Globally

24/7 availability, in office, over the phone as well as online.

We can visit clients or if preferred schedule Zoom/Google Teams meetings.
Meetings in office by prior appointment.

INT: +44 800 1 935 777


A qualified investigator is always available.

Uzbekistan Licensed

We are an established private investigation firm since 1994.
We understand the legal technicalities and restrictions in Uzbekistan.
Because of our knowledge of local laws we can operate on your behalf to obtain whatever information you seek, including local and international financial asset searches due diligence, deep cyber investigations. All forms of confidential information.

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