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Construction Fraud Private Investigators :

Construction industry fraud is increasing at an alarming pace. LOI Investigations in the last 9 years, have been involved in the investigation of construction frauds, in excess of 190 million USD to as small as five million GBP. To date, in total we have worked on over 20 projects.

Construction fraud private investigator

Traditional construction fraud scams, are clearly still at play such as fraudulent billing, kick backs and suspect, substandard material substitutions, bribery, theft of tools for other projects.

Under the table deals (collusion) between contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other parties involved with the construction process.

Fraudulent construction scams not only lead to possible investor losses and project delays but high-risk on non insurance payouts in the event of claims arising from short cuts such as safety hazards for workers and the public.

Construction fraud is on a massive increase. At LOI Investigations, we can and will reduce clients exposure to these risks.

In order to Hire a Certified private investigator for Construction Fraud Investigations.

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