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Private Background Checks and Reports

Need to hire a new employee? Entering a business deal with a new partner? Or are you a high-profile individual establishing a new personal and professional connection? There is always that cloud of uncertainty hovering above your head when you enter a new relationship – whether personal or professional.  The early stages are crucial as you are trying to build trust and credibility. 

What if you can skip the guesswork and know the person for who they really are? With our private background checks and reports, you can do that. You can get involved with our team of expert operatives who can confirm (or reveal) a person’s true identity so you know if they are exactly who they claim to be. 

This is a standard procedure performed by companies when hiring new employees. Background checks on educational history and previous work experience is a tried-and-tested method to validate a new hire’s expertise and experience. 

Background Checks for Business Purposes

It’s common for high-profile individuals and business leaders to conduct background checks and reports on potential business partners. Entering a business deal is a potentially risky move, and it can pay to understand a potential business partner’s background thoroughly first. We can uncover an individual’s personal and criminal history – you can decide what type of information you want to find and our team of expert investigators can look it up for you.

Private background checks and reports are some of our most sought after services. We will present our full lifestyle and criminal check reports to our clients and you may use that information for whatever purpose that suits you. Our goal is to deliver unbiased information about certain entities using our proven methods that we’ve relied on for years. 

If you’re looking to get involved with a new employee, partner, friend, internet relationship or anybody of interest, it’s crucial to ensure that they are, in fact, who they present themselves to be. We are able to confirm true identity, access school reports where available and confirm exam results, course details, accurate grades and past disciplinary issues. We can also check employment history up to the present day and uncover any known criminal history. All references will be fully checked including past-to-current lifestyle reports in the UK and worldwide.

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