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Case Studies

Examples of Case Work

The following examples are provided with full client permission and pertain to private clients, lawyers, businesses, corporations, and insurers. We have additional examples of our services and solutions for some of our high net worth clients and VIPs. Furthermore, we have acted in problem-solving for high profile and high net worth clients, including cases related to Family Issues and some of the biggest high net-worth and high profile Divorce and Separation cases in the last decade.


Since 1994 we have successfully traced thousand upon thousands of missing people for many different reasons.

  • Teenage runaways
  • Missing children
  • Missing family members
  • Adopted children
  • True parents
  • Debtors & their fixed financial assets
    • Hidden trusts
    • Special purpose vehicles
    • Stocks and shares
    • Crypto currencies & so forth
  • People held against their will

We have have the experience, the know-how and access to an immense amount of sources, information on the ground support and cyber solutions.


LOI provides affordable one and two man teams for domestic family and private matters up to a full team of 23+.
See our surveillance page for full details of who our personnel are and the types of equipment we use.
Interception and level of intrusion varies country to country.


An NHS Government PPE contracted supplier contacted LOI in her own words: “Out of absolute desperation”. 
As the case is currently awaiting an out of court confidential settlement, we cannot go into too much details legally pre-settlement.
However, we can legally openly discuss the outline of the case and indicated outcome.
Already a contracted supplier of personal protection equipment [PPE] miss X was informed that in the first few weeks of UK’s first COVID lockdown March 2020 her supplier’s contract was cancelled with immediate effect. Ms X was an already pre-COVID supplier of PPE. The equipment was fit for purpose and already in use.  Ms X was also supplying the masks and at the agreed NHS price. Upon our client’s own research Ms X quickly realised the new suppliers of the new PPE were newly formed companies/corporations some onshore some offshore with banking facilities also abroad. And were charging a higher amount than Ms X for equipment that in most cases did not work and in other cases where the equipment did not even reach the UK.
Ms X sought legal advice and after a brief discussion with the Secretary of State and was promised compensation subject to a confidentiality contract.
After no compensation and nearly 200.000 pounds in legal fees and having to put her house on the market for sale to cover loses.
Ms X contacted us at LOI. At this point she had even been informed she had no right of appeal and no legal offer of compensation in place. One of our team from LOI sought the advise of a then QC (now KC) and recorder, who kindly advised us at no costs. Thus saving our client further legal costs. We then went onto task our in house LOI Team to research members of Government, donors and contracts in a highly confidential and undercover manner.
Once armed with proof and having the evidence legalised, we began our attack.
After approaching mainstream UK media, no reaction or confirmation that they had ever seen or received our evidence.
Eventually, for reasons still unknown to us, suddenly we, LOI, were being taken seriously.
On the 6th of December 2022, Michelle Mone, Baroness Mone took a leave of absence from the house of lords with immediate effect, on the 19th of December 2022 the Government announced it would sue PPE Medpeo for 122 million GBP plus costs.
LOI have been informed January 2023 of 103 further likely prosecutions of companies linked to then Government ministers.
As for our client Ms X, we secured with one of London’s top law firms for litigation founding – No legal costs to our client.


Conducted investigations for a premier Indian family with political ties who were accused of receiving financial benefit from military equipment contracts. We obtained information, intelligence and evidence that allowed our client and their lawyers to prepare a defence case which, ultimately, assisted in preventing the matter proceeding any further.


Our Kyrgyz client was a provider of fuel to the US Air Force in Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. The client was accused of securing the contracts in breach of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). We assisted in exonerating our client in a US Congress Investigation.


We assisted in obtaining information that proved that funds stolen in one of the biggest tax frauds in Russia was laundered through European banks and was then used to buy real estate in the US. The fraud resulted in a lawyer being arrested and convicted and dying whilst in custody in a Russian prison. The company who purchased the property in the US, although admitting no guilt, paid a considerable sum to the US Agency pursuing the case.


We assisted a major international mining company in relation to a multi- billion US dollar mining contract in Guinea Conakry that, during a period of political conflict, was alleged to have been unlawfully acquired by two other mining majors. Our agents managed to enter the country during the period of the military coup and engage with political contacts in country and also with those involved in the military coup, in an effort to try to resolve the conflict. We worked with our political contacts in country to assist in the formation of the country’s first democratic government.


We were engaged by a major mining company to assist them in the potential acquisition of mining opportunities in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Afghanistan. Our enquiries revealed numerous corruption, employment, Health & Safety and Animal abuse issues that prevented our clients acquiring the mining operations.


We have assisted several clients during their contract negotiations for the acquisition of fuels and other commodities in numerous regions in the world. Our due diligence investigations have prevented several multi-million US dollar frauds occurring.


We were employed by a country’s National Asset Management Agency to trace assets and funds that were alleged to have been obtained fraudulently from the country’s main national bank. The fraud lead to the country being declared bankrupt and seeking a ‘bail-out’ from the EU. Our investigations identified numerous property assets in the country and abroad.


We were able to identify over-production of an erectile dysfunction drug at a manufacturing outpost in a Middle Eastern country. We engaged in the undercover purchase of product that was being supplied to our agents by senior staff at the manufacturing plant. We were also engaged by some of the pharmaceutical majors to conduct undercover operations to acquire counterfeit products being manufactured in the Far East and shipped into Europe.


We have been employed by insurers and lawyers representing insurers in numerous insurance fraud cases involving suspicious fires, thefts of cargo, mortgage frauds, missing persons declared deceased, injury claims, medical negligence claims and several other dubious insurance claims.


The son-in-law of a senior politician in Kazakhstan stole over $1 billion and moved the funds to various locations in Europe. He was also accused of the murder of two bankers in Kazakhstan. We were employed to trace the son- in-law and his new partner and monitor their movements in Austria, Malta and Cyprus. We were also engaged in identifying physical assets and considerable funds in several bank accounts. The subject was eventually arrested and held in custody in Austria where he committed suicide.


We have assisted several sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and companies and their legal representatives in acquiring vital information relating to individuals and companies worldwide that were either the subject of extensive investment or mergers/acquisitions. We have also assisted several major companies to examine the operating systems of suppliers to ensure that the supply companies performed legally and ethically.


We were engaged by a well-known soft drinks company to prove that their manufacturing plant were producing more product than they were declaring. The over production was identified by analysis of the amount of aluminium for packaging and ingredients that was entering the manufacturing plant and analysis of the transport traffic entering and leaving the manufacturing plant. The over-production led to ‘grey marketing’ and other criminal activities.


As with pharmaceuticals we were also employed by cigarette, clothing, perfume, and other branded goods manufacturers and suppliers to identify the supply chains for counterfeit and grey import goods. For one well- known clothing manufacturer we identified the theft of patterns from the design studio in London that were then sold to ‘sweat-shops’ in Turkey where the clients fashion designs were being produced prior to the company releasing the fashion lines into their own shops.


We assisted in the defence of a Turkish/British businessman who was accused of fraud by the Serious Fraud Office. Despite being convicted, we uncovered a considerable amount of evidence in support of the client’s case.


Without imparting any specific case examples, our extraction team and negotiation team are experienced in legally retrieving on behalf of the legal custodian parent.

  • Location
  • Calm approach
  • No snatch
  • Trained medic part of team’s members
  • Legal papers in country, in order compliance with British and local consulate’s
  • Communication with family at all times