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Bitcoin Investigations

Technical trading done properly will make money. If you are able to buy and sell and identify trends, there is a strong possibility that continual profit will follow for most of the time.

With no central authority or banks managing transactions, Bitcoin is open-source whilst it’s design is not public. Nobody owns Bitcoin.

Therefore, Bitcoin attracts a high number of numerous scams (far too many to list here).

Are You Concerned About Being Scammed?


Here is How Line of Inquiry Can Help

Although mainly anonymous, most buyers will invest by purchasing via Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Card.
To receive your payment they need (the scammers) an account. These are more than likely opened anonymously through an anonymous App. Otherwise, the opening Bitcoin party has to scan the App at a Bitcoin currency ATM. Our Bitcoin Private Investigator can trace and pinpoint smart phones and computers, even if they are in transit, and other information of interest.

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigations

The continued rise of cryptocurrency (including bitcoin) has attracted a lot of attention from potential fraudsters. It is an opportunity that they are waiting to exploit like a predator hunting its prey.

As more people are using cryptocurrency like bitcoin, scammers are getting smarter in their trickery to exploit users of this currency. For anyone who is new to this type of currency, it is easy to fall prey to their increasingly clever scams.

There are many forms of fraud and scam activities that they use to access your account, one of them is known as cryptojacking. This is when scammers will use your PC or smartphone to ‘mine’ bitcoin without your authorisation for their personal use. Another way they do this is by injecting a malicious code into your device so they can freely access your account.

Not every individual or business has the capacity to recover cryptocurrencies and accounts on their own. This is where we step in. We can intercept ongoing transactions or trace the movement of the funds in order to prevent more activities of this nature in the future.

Why Choose Line of Inquiry for Bitcoin Scams Investigations?

At Line of Inquiry, we have helped individuals and businesses recover stolen cryptocurrencies from scams. We help in the investigation and tracing of Bitcoin through our expertise in handling cybercrime cases.

Our team of experts employs professional cryptocurrency forensic tools. In combination with our investigative techniques, we leverage both to give you the best results and to protect you from more loss on your end.

You can rely on our expert team at Line of Inquiry, whether you want to investigate an ongoing attack or you want to protect your assets from being attacked.