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Missing Persons Tracing in The UK and Worldwide

Finding missing persons requires a wide range of expert skills, access to global networks and the ability to source accurate information quickly. Line of Inquiry LLP is adept at locating anyone in both the UK and worldwide. We approach every situation with the utmost care and confidentiality, acting swiftly to locate individuals or groups, whether or not they are avoiding detection, using traditional and the most latest data tracing techniques.


Our senior partner has specialized in tracing people since 1994 and offer:

  • Global and local coverage
  • Fast and efficient 24 to 48 hour response and follow-up services
  • Ethical service that you can trust with in-depth evidence reports
  • Dedicated case manager and backup intelligence team comprised of highly experienced experts who specialize in tracing missing persons


Common investigations include:

  • Runaways
  • Missing friends and family members 
  • Parent and sibling location for those who have been adopted at birth
  • Tracing individuals for the purpose of wills and inheritance as well as missing heirs
  • Finding friends, spouses, partners, estranged family and missing contacts who you have lost touch with
  • Locating witnesses for legal purposes
  • Tracing individuals responsible for debt or personal guarantees

(99% proven and available to new clients legal proof of statement above)


Line of Inquiry offers a lifeline to families and friends who refuse to give up on finding a missing person. Our expert investigative services are fully equipped to locate a missing person, no matter the circumstances.

Individuals Voluntarily Missing

Has an adult or teen gone missing? Whether it is a serious mental health issue or a troubled relationship, we look beyond the case and see the situation for how it really is. It’s not uncommon for teens to be in voluntary exile to escape their troubled situations. 

We don’t dwell on the reason, we just work with the solid facts of the case to bring your loved ones back home.


Involuntary Disappearance


This is the most difficult case to handle, but we have worked with so many cases of this kind in the past. Therefore, we have developed a fail-proof method of bringing your missing loved ones home. Don’t hesitate to let us know the details of the missing person so that we can bring them back home.

Why Hire Private Missing Persons Investigation?

Help from the police has its limitations. This is not necessarily their fault however – that’s just how the police work! The police have limited resources and a huge workload, often, other cases take priority. 

By the time the police begin the missing persons tracing, it might be too late for your loved ones. Act as soon as you have concerns about the disappearance of your loved ones. Every hour and minute counts in making sure they are safe.


Call Us for Help

Some people might think that only the police can help them when a loved one goes missing. However, you have other options. Our highly trained professionals will give your case the full commitment of its time and resources to locate your missing loved ones. 

Line of Inquiry’s missing persons tracing and investigation has helped reunite many families – you could be the next one! 

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