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Surveillance Investigators

At Line of Inquiry, we have our own in-house surveillance Investigators, led by a former military intelligence officer (unlike other companies who claim that they are, but in fact, are not).

Our other team members include a specialist Senior Surveillance officer of 23 years’ experience with the Metropolitan Police. We charge standard industry, UK rates. We also have a further three female operatives and surveillance investigators in every county of the UK. We can at short notice work world-wide and can begin surveillance within 24 hours.

We sub-contract to a group of a multicultural team of 23 male and female operatives. They are a highly trained, ex government former team of operatives. Names, ranks and expertise are available on request to qualified clients.

Aside from the expertise of our team – individually and collectively as a group – we also take pride in the system we use when conducting surveillance services. We have developed a fool-proof method of gathering evidence in a discreet and professional manner. This surveillance can be carried out discreetly or covertly, depending on your needs.

Adapted Vehicles, Cabs, Cars Bikes, Vans, and Motorbikes and MopheadsEquipment, Experience & Capabilities

We provide mobile and static solutions in the city, built-up areas, villages and the Countryside (rural). Teams can be broken down to two personnel, four personnel and up to a full team of 23 operatives, who will watch, collate, and gather evidence.
Under-cover work, under-cover job placements and getting to know subjects are services that can also be provided. We can use the following in surveillance operations.

· Trackers

· Electronic Bugs – Audio & Visual

· Microwave / Laser – for Legal reasons this is Regional and Country Dependant

· Adapted Vehicles, Cabs, Cars Bikes, Vans, and Motorbikes and Mopheads

· Military Grade (Bullet-Proof) drones with three-mile range cameras, which are extremely quiet (almost silent) which can go from the ground floor, to a height of 400 meters.

· Two Mile, clear-range cameras

· Hidden body worn cameras (non-visible, pin hole cameras)

· Pin hole, live web-cam & stream cameras

· Many other types of long-range, short range and close-range cameras.

For more information on this subject, please, contact AG EMB at [email protected].

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