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Social Media & Online Harassment

Whether it is a fake review, a social media stalker or a troll, we work closely with a leading London Lawyer and KC who specialise in this area, supported by our own in-house Line of Inquiry Cyber Team.

Racial abuse, verbal hate, threats, blackmail, identity theft, and bullying are the most common forms of online harassment, which unfortunately continues to rise in the U.K at an exponential rate. Reports of cyberbullying have risen 90% in the last 12 months.

Frustratingly, it is often difficult for the police to conduct a fruitful investigation due to the limitations of their own resources and lack of tangible evidence from the victim. Perpetrators are careful to cover up their virtual tracks, so in many cases victims are left feeling helpless when the investigation can’t go any further.

At Line of Inquiry, we know that every online interaction leaves a trail. Blending decades of experience, advanced technological data systems and international contacts, our clients can rest assured that we’ll collect substantial proof to successfully prosecute their harasser.