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Asset Tracing/Fraud 

Our team is highly skilled at identifying cases of fraud and embezzlement, even when they are obscured by complicated corporate, nominee or trust structures and disbursed across multiple jurisdictions and countries. Our stellar work in this area has helped clients all over the world establish the asset position of parties in contract disputes and recover assets in the aftermath of litigation and arbitration, complex fraud and banking collapses.

Through meticulous asset tracing, we have the ability to track funds and other identifying assets for the resolution of commercial or private disputes. We can trace all kinds of assets, from real estate to, corporate holdings, commodities, financial instruments, and more.

The ease with which money and other forms of assets can be moved around can pose a challenge to tracking them down. Not for us. Our sophisticated asset investigation service can trace the path of missing assets no matter how well they are hidden. Our experts can pick up any financial trail, even when it has been cold for years.

Our services in this field are particularly suited for litigation and the investigation of fraud cases, particularly those involving supply-chain, money laundering and embezzlement.

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