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Intellectual Property Investigations

LOI Investigations conduct IP Property Investigations always underneath the direction of Legal Counsel. LOI is an established, recognised, intellectual Property Investigation Consultancy.


Intellectual Property Investigations
Since 1996, we have provided valuable insights, with completely reliable and actionable resources which support intellectual Property Investigations with traditional investigative trade craft, research and deep cyber enquiries, whether its a copyright investigation, prevention of privacy Investigation, hijacking or counterfeit Investigation.


  • Copyright
  • Designs
  • Trademark
  • Trade Security
  • Competition Market Intelligence.

At LOI Investigations we understand Intellectual Property including categorisation of assets that could be intangible, the knowledge based economy and investments preventing others from deriving value.

We assist with Patents, Copyrights, trademarks, franchises and digital assets.

In order to Hire a Certified private investigator for Intellectual Property Investigations who can Privately help you.

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