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Counterfeit investigations, copyright and intellectual property

Today, professionals and specialists around the world are seeing not just massive growth but exponential growth in counterfeiting and other related services products.

The time of only test purchasing and back tracing chains of supply to a source, is no longer the best solution.

Although it is still a valuable approach at times for initial intelligence, the increase in the quality of fake products from cloned clothes, data and software and all types of manufactured goods is on the increase.

Areas such as counterfeiting, copyright infringement, intellectual property and cyber, is now a very well organised market strategising a billion-dollar criminal industry which is run by extremely well organised criminal groups.

As the biggest facilitator of global commerce, the Internet now provides counterfeiters with the ability to move to market and sell products faster than ever before.

These sites give an appearance of total legitimacy. They operate and mirror supply chains. 

Cloned sites divert remotely to the crime group concerned, thus creating permanent brand damage and devaluation of products and IP.

Consistent Internet monitoring coupled with knowledge of in-country laws and prosecution, increases the likelyhood and the success of shutting down the chain permanently; this is the only proven method of brand protection.


The How

Meet Vihaan Vohra.

Vihaan has spent over a decade mastering website programming, PPC, and sponsored advertising to the supply chain source bypassing VPNs, and IPs, and obtaining the physical address, including mobile smartphones – even when in transit. 

Vihaan specialises in counterfeiting, copyright, trademark, intellectual property infringement and Internet investigations.



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