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Stolen Jewellery, Art, and High-Value Items Investigation Room

Jewellery Theft

At LOI Research, we specialize in the recovery of stolen jewellery, art, and high-value items. Our dedicated team of private investigators in Thailand is renowned for their expertise in tracking and recovering valuable items that have been lost or stolen. Our services are not just limited to the UK; we operate globally, providing our clients with the best chance of recovering their valuables.

missing persons investigation

Missing Persons Tracing

Searching for a missing person in the UK or worldwide? LOI Investigations offers private investigator services to locate lost friends, family members, or debtors. Utilizing the latest investigative techniques, our experienced team provides effective and discreet missing persons investigations.

Litigation Investigations & Support

At Line of Inquiry, we specialize in litigation investigation and support services, offering worldwide assistance for both civil and criminal cases. Our experienced team conducts investigations into fraud, breach of contract, intellectual property theft, and more, utilizing advanced technology and techniques. With services including witness interviews, background checks, surveillance, and forensic accounting, we work closely with clients and legal teams to provide expert analysis and testimony, maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Family Law Services

At Line of Inquiry, we provide comprehensive support in family law matters, including relationship disputes, family issues, and divorce cases. Our experienced team offers global risk assessments, financial investigations, background checks, and expert witness services. We understand the sensitive nature of family matters and work discreetly to protect our clients’ privacy while ensuring the highest ethical standards.

Underwriting and Re-Insuring

Line of Inquiry offers specialized underwriting and re-insuring services, utilizing decades of expertise and sophisticated tools to determine risk levels with precision. Our services are vital for insurance companies, potentially impacting millions in gains or losses. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we provide tailored solutions to manage risk portfolios and protect financial interests.


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