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Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceWe supply vital business intelligence to an assortment of medium-sized corporations in the U.K and abroad. Smart leaders know that having the right information can give them the competitive edge they need to stay ahead in their sector of activity.

At Line of Inquiry we investigate our clients’ competitors in terms of their processes, practices, research, development, services and products. We can identify potential differentiators as well as useful points of leverage. Our intel has also proven to be very useful for clients at the time of significant business moves such as acquisitions, mergers and new partnerships.

We use the most advanced technological tools to process large amounts and different types of data simultaneously, which results in higher quality and more relevant data. The right business intelligence can be a key differentiator in any business, leading to better performance and positioning in the market.

With our world-class Corporate Investigation Service we help businesses of all kinds and sizes: from financial institutions and private equity groups to insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms, and Fortune 500 companies.

From employee background checks to insurance claim investigations, we help our clients stay well ahead of competitors, fraudulent insurance claims or any other threat that may jeopardise their business.

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