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Cyber Security Investigation


Cyber Security is the most common form of threat in a world where we are increasingly controlled by Digital Technology.

A Cyber Security Investigation is a crucial step to thwart any planned attacks in order to prevent or minimise damage. Strategic implementation of cyber threat intelligence is a great way to stay well ahead of potential attacks.

Our ability to process large amounts of data, combined with our in-depth searching capabilities, enables us to harvest and analyse information from the furthest corners of the Internet. We use advanced monitoring and intelligence procedures as well as the knowledge and expertise of our operatives to stay a step ahead of hackers and potential cyberattacks.

Our cyber security investigations have often been used to aid in ongoing criminal investigations. We have the tools and capabilities to access information from anywhere on the web, including the dark web, which has frequently helped law enforcement to provide concrete evidence in the prosecution of cyber attackers or in cases of fraud and identity theft, which may be used to support civil or criminal prosecutions.



Investing in Cyber Intelligence

We have developed innovative tools and methods to unearth useful information for our clients from online areas that are typically inaccessible, such as the Dark Web. This data is often used in connection with criminal investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses and law firms, and can even be implemented to support civil and criminal prosecutions. We are able to compile a package of evidence that meets the standards set out by UK Law  and foreign law enforcement specifically for this purpose. Our team has a global history of success in investigations related to counterfeiting, theft supply fraud and  all types of online fraud, as well as identifying people’s true identities.

investing in cyber intelligence

When is Cyber Intelligence necessary?

Strategic implementation of cyber threat intelligence is a great way to determine if your organization is under threat. It helps you identify the potential for such threats, if not already existent. Given that cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated these days, you need to employ a team of advanced and sophisticated cyber intelligence unit so you are always one step ahead.

The best cyber intelligence services combine AI-backed automation tools and expert human expertise in order to identify the presence of threats. That way, you can prevent them before they put your organization at risk. At the same time, insights from cyber intelligence teams will help you prepare for the next step, in the event that the threat has infiltrated your organization.

Not all threats are made equal

The best cyber intelligence services are able to identify different types of threats. Depending on the nature of your business and the entailing risks, you need expert eyes to identify threats that pose a real risk for your business and the industry it belongs in. 

This will enable you to maximize your resources and use it towards preventing threats that can put your organization in jeopardy. You can also build an actionable intelligence with a clear plan of attack on the next viable steps. 

Our cyber intelligence team can make recommendations on how to mitigate any weaknesses, as well as the steps to build a defense system for your organization against external threats. 

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