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Services for Private Clients


missing persons investigation

Missing Persons Tracing

Searching for a missing person in the UK or worldwide? LOI Investigations offers private investigator services to locate lost friends, family members, or debtors. Utilizing the latest investigative techniques, our experienced team provides effective and discreet missing persons investigations.


Unfaithful Partner Investigations

LOI Investigations offers specialised Infidelity Investigation Services, designed to provide you with concrete evidence and peace of mind. Our highly trained investigators employ discreet surveillance techniques. Reach out to us for a confidential and comprehensive consultation.


At Line of Inquiry, we offer in-house surveillance investigators led by experienced professionals, including a former military intelligence officer and a Senior Surveillance officer with 23 years’ experience. Our surveillance services, available across the UK and worldwide, include mobile and static solutions, under-cover work, and the use of advanced technology such as trackers, electronic bugs, and military-grade drones. Whether discreet or covert, our fool-proof methods ensures professional evidence gathering to meet your needs.

UK & Worldwide Phone Tracing Service

LOI Investigations offers a GDPR-compliant UK & Worldwide Mobile Phone and Landline Tracing service. Obtain the full name, registered address, duration at the address, and additional connected information with utmost confidentiality.

Background Checks

LOI Investigations specializes in accurate and thorough background checks for individuals and companies. Offering pre-employment background checks, including verification of education, employment history, and criminal record checks, our experienced private investigators ensure the safety and security of your business and personal life. Trust LOI Investigations for reliable background checks with confidentiality and fast turnaround times.

Stolen Jewellery, Art, and High-Value Items Investigation Room

Jewellery Theft

At LOI Research, we specialize in the recovery of stolen jewellery, art, and high-value items. Our dedicated team of private investigators in Thailand is renowned for their expertise in tracking and recovering valuable items that have been lost or stolen. Our services are not just limited to the UK; we operate globally, providing our clients with the best chance of recovering their valuables.

missing persons investigation

Relationship Matters, Family Issues and Divorce

Dealing with family issues and divorce? Line of Inquiry offers specialized private investigator services to assist in personal and financial matters, including hidden assets, pre-divorce background checks, and post-separation surveillance. Whether you suspect infidelity, need to assess financial status, or are concerned about child well-being, our experienced investigators handle these delicate situations with discretion and sensitivity. Contact Line of Inquiry to navigate family disputes and divorce with confidence and peace of mind.
missing persons investigation

Jewellery, Art Theft & High Valuables

Jewellery, art theft, and high-value property theft are alarming issues, often overwhelming even experienced police departments. Line of Inquiry (L.O.I) specializes in this field, with successful recoveries worldwide since 2020. Our services cover art theft, jewellery theft, family heirlooms, museum heists, and more. With an extensive network of experts in the UK and internationally, including forgery identification specialists, we offer unparalleled assistance in recovering stolen property. Contact Line of Inquiry for support and guidance in theft involving high-value property.

missing persons investigation


In today’s digital age, blackmail is more prevalent than ever, involving data leaks, hackers, family members, and even friends. Line of Inquiry offers expert solutions to identify and stop blackmail attempts, providing support and guidance during this difficult time. With a high success rate in stopping blackmailers worldwide, we educate clients on personal information security and offer ongoing support. Contact Line of Inquiry for confidential assistance in protecting yourself from blackmail.

Identity Theft

With a staggering 100,000% increase in identity theft cases worldwide, Line of Inquiry stands ready to help victims trace their money and bring culprits to justice. Our expert team not only identifies and apprehends the offenders but also educates clients on warning signs and implements measures to prevent future victimization. If you’ve been affected by identity theft or want to safeguard your personal and financial information, contact Line of Inquiry for comprehensive support and guidance.

missing persons investigation

Personal Protection

Line Of Inquiry offers comprehensive personal protection services, designed to safeguard clients and their families against various threats. The company specialises in close protection, and cyber-security, among other services. With a team primarily drawn from Police Service or the Military, they ensure high standards of security and discretion. Their services are internationally deployable and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, whether it be during high-profile appearances, vacations, or in hostile environments.


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