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The Police Are Useless (but it is not their own fault)!

In 2010, the then UK Home Secretary, and subsequently UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, cut the Police and Justice budgets massively. All general training budgets across all platforms were also decimated. This led to Police numbers being reduced significantly. Especially, in plain-clothed officers’ departments and other specialized criminal investigation squads. Significant redundancies followed, along with a major cut in operational funding. As an example, on August 6th, 2020, LOI senior investigator was asked, on behalf of a client, to present the evidence he had obtained on his client’s behalf, to the Metropolitan Police. This was evidence regarding fraud of £250,000. We had identified the true identities of those who were the actual fraudsters. We had ascertained their home addresses and had kept them under continuous surveillance – we even knew they were at home when we were eventually able to speak to the Police. We provided the police with the exact bank account numbers, the bank and branch that the funds had been moved to, and confirmation that the funds were still there. This was a significant paper trail and included a letter from the bank’s own internal compliance officer confirming our report to be correct. In recent 2019 survey on Police Competence in Europe, A UK uniformed Police Officer after just six weeks training, has a higher level of training than that of criminal departments (plain clothes officers) in most EU countries. This is a staggering, worrying statistic when you look at the UK statistics alone. It has also been alleged in the same report, up to 70% of Police in EU countries are corrupt and/or regularly break procedure, take short cuts and invent evidence. Be warned, the criminals are winning. Scroll Down to Read More.

The Outcome

LOI senior investigator was instructed to report findings and evidence to the Metropolitan Police. When contacted the police could only send two uniformed Constables and not sooner than in one week! Once the constables did arrive (two hours late for their appointment) they had not even been told what the matter was about. Furthermore, they then went on to openly admit that they had no experience in conducting a fraud investigation. Both Police Officers had been serving officers for over five years. They went on to admit that neither of them (the Police Officers) had ever dealt with, or spoken to, or been introduced to any plain clothed criminal investigation officer from any unit! Investigator insisted that they at least try, or at least obtain an email address for a CID officer. They did call their station Sergeant who stated he did not have a telephone number for any of the criminal departments, or indeed an email. Please bear in mind, there were three other people that were present at this meeting, who witnessed the entire visit, which was recorded. It is a disgrace – the only advice that the police provided was to contact Fraud Alert which we did to stay compliant. The client also contacted them himself. Fraud Alert, who have an alleged success rate of 0 – 1% have only to date, sent one email to our client, saying they will be in touch, despite numerous attempts on his behalf, to contact them.

A Further Recent Example of Just How Bad the Police Service Is

Supply Fraud   A Supply Fraud of over 300,000 Great British Pounds of designer goods was stolen. We traced the thieves, and even confronted them and they admitted that nothing had been sold and under instruction from the client, he would not prosecute them, if he could arrange for transport, and collect the stolen goods. The thieves said they wanted a thirty thousand Great British Pounds payment, and the client quite rightly refused to pay – we however, through surveillance, had already located where the goods were, stored and established photographic evidence and of course kept the location under constant surveillance.   Had it been a sole warehouse storage unit, we would have most likely just gone in ourselves and retrieved the goods ourselves, however we had a legal problem. It was in a multi-use storage company with many clients meaning that entering the property and carrying this out, was not an option. We called Manchester Police and although seeing the evidence themselves and confirming that they knew this group of people were a professional known criminal outfit, but for Health and Safety reasons at this time, November 2020, Salford Police, Manchester,reply was  they could not attend the storage unit but that perhaps we should report it to Fraud Alert, so our client, the victim of the supply fraud, should at least be able to obtain a crime number which may be able to help him recover costs through his insurers.    Both us and the client, contacted Fraud Alert – we knew it would be fruitless but an actual crime number, we believed would actually help the client with his insurers.

The Outcome?

One text to the client from Fraud Alert, stating someone from Fraud Alert, would contact him or us within a week. Despite numerous phone calls and emails to Fraud Alert and the Police, at the time of writing, January 2021, neither ourselves, the Private Investigators, or the client, have received a text, a phone call or an email – absolutely nothing, and we remind the Police and Fraud Alert weekly, by phone and email. Fraud Alert, in my own personal opinion, is a joke, with a 0-1% success rate. The Police, in my own personal opinion, have no funds, no skilled specialised officers and the only ones that are still working, only seem to take on murder, rape and assault cases and the success rate and conviction of murders alone, has dropped from 9 out of 10, to 1 in three in the last ten years..