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Competitor intelligence:

Competitor intelligence or Competitive intelligence (CI)  is the process in which a company gathers and analyse information about its industry, business environment, competitors, and products with the goal of directing their future strategy.

For any group, the goal of competitive intelligence is to help make better-informed decisions and enhance organizational performance by discovering risks and opportunities before they become readily apparent.

Benefits of Competitive Intelligence :

  • Discover what customers are saying about their and your own products and services.
  • Identify the areas competitors are better than you at and look at how you can improve what you are doing.
  • Create new ideas to serve customers better.

Private investigators are hired for competitive intelligence investigations to:

  • Gather information and details on current competitors or potential competitors.
  • Look at your potential partners or competitors and identify weaknesses, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
  • Gather information and details about your business niche, marketing, pricing, innovations, distribution, promotions, and more.
  • Identify market threats and risks.
  • Uncover theft, fraud, or embezzlement.

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