Gavin Burrows :

Founder and Senior Partner

Having completed his training as a private investigator in 1994, Burrows became a full member of the Institute of Professional investigators in 1997.

Burrows is a tenacious, accomplished private investigator chosen by celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, captains of industry and thousands of businesses and other clients to provide first class investigative services in the U.K. and at a global level. With 30 years of experience, Burrows has proved to be second to none at navigating the most intricate cases with the utmost diligence, dedication and what is most important in this business, total confidentiality.

Career highlights that show Burrows versatility and professional skills (and that he can speak of) include:

  • Having prevented and identified key individuals involved in the attempted theft of DNA from HRH Prince Harry;
  • Conducting investigative due diligence, asset inquiries and surveillance on behalf of Mr. Ian Heights, Cayman Islands-based billionaire investor;
  • Overseeing the investigation of a major international sex-trafficking network; providing key evidence that facilitated successful convictions for a planned car bomb plot by the animal rights campaign group “Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty” (SHAC);
  • Locating Viktor Kozeny (the pirate of Prague) himself in 2003 and his web of financial and physical assets;
  • Advising FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) in an internal publication for every FIFA member on personal and family security.


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