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Due to the nature of our business, the identity of some our operatives needs to remain protected. However, we’d like you to meet here key members of our team.

Sir Rupert Dewey

Sir Rupert Dewey

Non-Executive Chairman


Having qualified in 1978 as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court, Sir Rupert built an illustrious career in law, which quickly expanded into management and boardroom positions thanks to his expertise in commercial law. Over the years, he has helped high profile individuals as well as many companies with contracts, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, due diligence, regulatory compliance, auditing and dispute resolution amongst many other difficult operations, all of which present a myriad of complications before they can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Given the amount of work that Line of Inquiry undertakes from corporate clients, family offices and law firms, Sir Rupert Dewey is the ideal professional for the position of Non-Executive Chairman. Under his guidance, we are seeing a growing number of companies worldwide, particularly those serving High-net-worth Individuals, coming to us for their investigation needs related to the previously mentioned fields.

Sir Rupert has also helped several charities to multiply their funding, protect their viability and develop a strategy for long-term growth.

John Bees

John Bees

Managing Director


John entered the world of financial services in 1972, as Sales Director of Pensions for an insurance company. In 1982, he became Sales Director for Redcliffe Associates Ltd in Bristol, where he stayed until he established himself as an Independent Financial Advisor and started his own business, Bees & Co Financial Services, dealing mostly with non-UK banks such as Julius Baer, Lombard Odier, Berenberg and others serving high-net-worth individuals and companies. As an expert on corporate finance, he has helped many clients to sell their businesses in the best and most cost-effective way. His largest transaction so far has been £160 Million with many reaching the region of £90 million. Understandably, he had to come up to speed rapidly with forensic accounting, and financial investigations, which led him to meet Gavin Burrows.

Apart from his role as Managing Director of Line of Inquiry, John is currently Principal of Bees & Co Trust and Estate Planning, a business he has run for four years, and which focuses on putting together on and offshore trusts for clients who wish to protect their assets and reduce their exposure to undue taxation. 

Gavin Burrows

Gavin Burrows MIPI

Founder and Senior Partner


Having completed his training as a private investigator in 1994, Burrows became a full member of the Institute of Professional investigators in 1997.

Burrows is a tenacious, accomplished private investigator chosen by celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, captains of industry and thousands of businesses and other clients to provide first class investigative services in the U.K. and at a global level. With 30 years of experience, Burrows has proved to be second to none at navigating the most intricate cases with the utmost diligence, dedication and what is most important in this business, total confidentiality.

Career highlights that show Burrows versatility and professional skills (and that he can speak of) include:

  • Prevented and identified key individuals involved in the attempted theft of DNA from HRH Prince Harry;
  • Overseeing the investigation of a major international sex-trafficking network.
  • Provided key evidence that facilitated successful convictions for a planned car bomb plot by the animal rights campaign group “Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty” (SHAC);
  • Locating Viktor Kozeny (the pirate of Prague) himself and his web of financial and physical assets;
  • Advising FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) in an internal publication for every FIFA member on personal and family security.
  • Recruited and Freelanced for the British Security Services (MI6) for 2yrs
  • Traced Millions in Missing / Stolen Cash and Metals from private placement and standby Letters of credit and other scams during his career.
  • Provided evidence for some of the largest high net worth divorce cases of the last 20 years.
  • Successfully assisted 74 A List Celebrities and Members of Royalty Win Substantial out of court settlements, against major media groups at the high court London U.K 2019 – 2022

Gavin is an active fund raiser and supporter of Youth homelessness charities in the U.K


Anne-Marie Harris MIPI

Senior Consultant


Harris is fully trained in risk analysis, assessment and mitigation, submissions for Ministers, annual parliamentary reports, data analysis and Interrogation, various databases, compliance and auditing. Harris is CTC (Counter Terroism Cleared) until 2025.

She started her professional career in the Civil Service, where she stayed for 15 years, working in the Department of Constitutional Affairs and in the Ministry of Justice. Over this time, Harris gained a plethora of experience – from data analysis to complex Risk Management and Mitigation, Research & Investigation and leading and managing teams.

Her experience with lawyers, barristers and judges makes her a key member of the team, as she is second to none at liaising with the Judiciary and HMCS. Her key strengths include research and analysis, investigating anomalies and irregularities quickly and accurately in order to develop solutions and problem solving.

Harris also undertakes Pro Bono cases for qualified clients, both in the U.K. and abroad. She is fascinated by people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. As such, Harris is particularly passionate about Human Rights and feels strongly for those who are less fortunate and do not have the means to access the assistance they require.


Maggie Thorne

Former CIA Operative


Due to the sensitivity of her work with CIA we can’t reveal any other information about her. Suffice to say though that she is our in-house expert in XXX intelligence and has contributed to the positive resolution of more than 130 cases.

A.Elaine Giles

Executive Manager


 Assistant CEO, Executive Manager, who has worked with Burrows as an investigator and case manager since 1995.


Louisa Sparks

Executive Consultant


Executive Consultant, an experienced paralegal and investigator who started her career in 2005. As a former civil service operative, Sparks brings national and international experience in criminal defense, acquisitions support and a plethora of management skills.

Mark Newman 

Executive Consultant


An Oxford graduate who focused on international business development and investment banking in the earlier part of his career. He joined Line of Inquiry in 2020 as an expert on Business Mode Analysis, Realistic Set-Up, restructuring, compliance, start-ups, operation monitoring and exit strategies (Investigative Due Diligence and forensic accounting).

Alf Morgan

Undercover Specialist.


A former member of the Territorial SAS, Morgan has had a remarkable career spanning 25 years working undercover in the U.K. and abroad for the Metropolitan Police.

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