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Spying devices are so popular that it is easy for anyone to acquire them. Unfortunately, it also means that it is easy for others to attach that device to your car and listen in to your conversations. Make sure you know how to find these devices and disable them. 

In this guide, you will learn about the techniques you can use to locate this device in your car.

How Does a Listening Device Work? 

In order to find and disrupt a listening device, you must first understand how this technology works. A listening device like a bug is the most common spying tool used for surveillance and for police investigations. It is made with a miniature radio transmitter and microphone. 

These components are responsible for recording any conversations in a vehicle for information gathering purposes. A bug or wire device is one of the easiest to find these days – in fact, they can be easily purchased online. This means that the technology needed to locate and disable them is also widely available. This is not a sophisticated technology; in fact, it has been around for many years.

The listening device is typically the size of a pack of cards. However, you can now find miniature versions today to make them more difficult to detect, unless you are specifically looking for bugs or other listening devices in your car. The cost of these listening devices will vary based on the size, the type of technology used, and other features (such as the ability to block out background noise, etc). 

detecting a car listening device

Tips to Find Listening Devices in Your Car

Follow these tips in order to easily locate the placement of listening devices in your car so you can protect your privacy

Examine the car exterior

The car exterior is the obvious place to start when checking for bugs or any listening devices. This is the most accessible part of your vehicle so anyone who would want to listen in to your conversations would stick the device somewhere on the exterior. Some of the common places to check would be the bumper, undercarriage, wheel wells, and under the hood. 

Put yourself in the position of the person who installed it. Find any places in your car that would be easily accessible to them but at the same time keep the device out of view. 

Check the car interior

Listening devices can be installed on the interior of your car, particularly the data port that is located beneath the driver’s side dashboard. Check this area if there is a small black box that is plugged into the data port. If you do locate one, you can easily unplug it to disable tracking.

Other areas inside your vehicle to check are the trunk (particularly the spare tire compartment), under the seats, the consoles, and under the dashboard. Keep an eye out for any strange wires, especially if they were not there prior.

check car exterior for listening devices

How to Disable Listening Devices

Locating the listening device in your car is only the first step. Once you find the listening device, you need to disable it. Bugs and traditional listening devices are easier to deal with. But technologies in the surveillance industry are ever evolving and this has resulted in the availability of advanced listening solutions that rely on laser and microwave technology. These surveillance technologies are used by the Air Force and armed forces to detect, identify, and listen to conversations of targets, even while they’re on the move.

Detecting Advanced Listening Technology

When it comes to detecting this kind of technology, it’s strictly the domain of professionals. This technology can be switched off remotely and its source is very difficult to pinpoint. Therefore, using traditional counter surveillance tools that you can buy online or in a local store won’t be enough. Bug detectors or RF signal detectors won’t get the job done.

If you believe you’re being tracked or listened to, you need to hire experts who have the knowledge, skills, and experience in counter surveillance measures. Line of Inquiry offer counter surveillance services with an expert team made up of secret service personnel such as former FBI Operatives. They use their expertise and experience dealing with covert tracking operations to determine if you are being watched or tracked. They can help identify the bugs or surveillance tools used to track you down and offer the best solution based on the device used. 

Professionals are available to assist you when you want to protect your privacy from advanced listening techniques. In a world where tracking technology continues to advance by the day, the same technology can be used through counter surveillance to protect your private space – whether in your vehicle or at home.