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Private Placement Programs (PPP)

Fraud Investigation and Recovery Services – Worldwide

Line of Inquiry offers professional and effective assistance to victims of PPP fraud. Private Placement Programs may seem like attractive investment opportunities, but unfortunately, they are in the main mostly fraudulent and fake, and hundreds of thousands of people have been scammed worldwide.

However, if you still feel it’s worth taking the risk, we advise investigative due diligence from specialists in this area such as ourselves.

Our team works closely with law enforcement agencies, including the police, the FBI, and the Securities Commission, to help victims of this type of fraud.

These fraudulent schemes promise high-yield returns within a short period, usually requiring a substantial initial investment. However, the promised returns never materialize, and the fraudster absconds with the invested funds. At Line of Inquiry, we understand the complex nature of PPP fraud and employ various investigative techniques to recover funds and bring offenders to justice.

Our experts will trace your funds from the very first transaction, and using state-of-the-art technology, restore CCTV footage up to thirty years old. We can even lift fingerprints from paperwork to assist in identifying the offenders. We are committed to not only recovering the invested amount but also the interest incurred over the years.

It is important to note that PPP fraud has been prosecutable since the early 1960s, and we have extensive knowledge of reward and theft laws internationally. If you have been a victim of PPP fraud, do not hesitate to contact us for professional and confidential assistance.

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