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Private Placement Programs (PPP)

Line of Inquiry currently works with Police, the FBI and the Securities Commission to help victims of PPP fraud. Private Placement Programmes are all fake. They are disguised as high yield investments, and these PPP programmes have scammed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The scam is disguised as a high-yield investment opportunity that requires a minimum investment (normally a substantial sum), with the promise of receiving a huge return within 6 weeks. Obviously, this never happens and the fraudster simply keeps the money.

The good news is that offenders can be prosecuted for these crimes as far back as the early 1960s. Line of Inquiry will trace your funds from the very first transaction, restore CCTV up to thirty years old and even lift finger-prints from paper-work. Normally we can not only recover the invested amount but also the interest incurred over the years.

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