Our History

Line of Inquiry was established in 2020 by expert investigator, Gavin Burrows, a private investigator since 1994 and highly experienced lawyer, Nicholas Croft LLB, who has been in practice since 1981. Gavin and Nicholas have a history of successful collaboration dating back to 2007 and decided to combine their years of international experience into a full-service investigation business aimed at elevating the standard services that were available at the time. Anne-Marie Harris, former Ministry of Justice Executive Officer since 2001, joined the team as a Senior Partner and brings valuable experience with her.

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London (Head Office)

5 Chancery Lane, London WC2A,1LG, UK
We are open 24x7, 7 days a week, including public holidays)

Phone :

+44 800 1 939 333

0800 1 939 333


+44 800 1 935 777

0800 1 935 777

Email : enquiries@loiinvestigations.com

Switzerland Office : 

Line of Inquiry VIA dei Pioppi, 10 (1st Floor)
6616, Losone, Switzerland

International Free Phone / Toll Free : +44 800 1 935 777

Europe/Switzerland/Dubai UAE/USA- Worldwide Free Phone

Email : enquiries@loiinvestigations.com 




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